The aim of the short-term intensive course is to train and prepare the partners’ staff (“Train the Trainers”) so as to be able to inform the target group during the Multiplier Events and the pilot testing as regards to the FABUSS material and the use of the e-Learning Platform, explain the technical specifications, present ways on how to deliver the material in order to generate more traffic to the Platform.

Selected trainers from all partner countries will participate in intensive briefing on the project’s background, its objectives and especially on the character, the content and the administrative arrangements associated with the planned training activities of young family business prospective successors. Trainers’ training will take place in FYROM.

A Pilot Training Course will be implemented in all partner countries through a series of supplementary and mutually supporting activities.
In each partner country 30 young people, will attend a face-to-face training course, with Workshops organised in each country, supplemented by e-Learning and self-training between meetings. All training will be offered for free.

Training will be organised according to the Plan prepared, allowing for adjustments considered appropriate for each partner country. The course will include transnational experiences exchanges related to “family business succession practices” and also cooperative preparation of assignments.
Two “Intergenerational Workshops” will also be organised in each partner country, in which “next Generation” trainees will be joined by representatives of the “previous Generation” to discuss family business succession related issues and problems, consider “lessons learnt” by the “next” Generation group, provide their own perception and views and jointly formulate recommendations for training material adaptations and improvements.

FABUSS partners in each country will organise Local InfoDays to raise awareness of FABUSS and motivate target groups to participate in project activities. The objective of these InfoDays is to present the national surveys’ findings, to better promote the project and ensure project’s sustainability prospects.
During these events to be organised in all partner countries, the national partner organisation will present the results of the Project Skill Gaps and Training Needs surveys.

Major stakeholder organisations (e.g. Business Associations, Government Agencies, Youth Organisations) will be invited to participate in the InfoDays, and whenever possible, address the audience. The Events will be extensively publicised, press releases will be produced and there will be wide media coverage (i.e. Newspapers and social media). All materials presented in the Info Day will be posted on the project’s website.
The Agenda for Info-Days, will be customized to local circumstances and will, indicatively, include the following topics:

  • Presentation of the FABUSS project
  • Presentation of Skill Gaps and Training Needs Survey results obtained in each country
  • Discussions on the situation of family business issues and succession and business transfer problems
  • Presentation of future plans for the FABUSS planned outputs and activities

The FABUSS Closing Conference will take place in Athens, Greece, near to the project’s completion date. During the Conference, all partners’ experiences, the project results and the main conclusions and recommendations of the Sustainability Report, will be presented and discussed.

This will be a major event with all project partners present and with guest speakers being invited from the partner countries, the European Commission and other international family business organisations.
The Conference is regarded as a first Annual Conference of subsequent ones to be organised in partner countries or elsewhere after the project’s completion, as one of a series of Sustainability activities. The Conference will bring together stakeholders to discuss various matters, problems, views on family business succession.