Surveys to be conducted in the context of the FABUSS project aim to provide the basis for the development of subsequent Intellectual Outputs and activities. They will “set the scene” for customising FABUSS project’s overall contribution to target groups’ capacity building, during both the project’s duration and after its completion.

Two types of Surveys will be conducted in each partner country: one related to the so-called Environment for Family Businesses in partner countries and a more focused one, related to Target groups’ Skills Gaps and Training Needs that need to be addressed. The two Surveys will be conducted through a series of specific activities, many of which will be carried out in parallel. National Reports will be delivered in English, with Executive Summaries in all partner countries’ national languages. A Synthesis Report will also be produced, presenting the situation in the partnership, as a whole.

The design and production of training material constitute one of the main Outputs of the FABUSS project. Based on the list of identified “priority training Skill Gaps and Training Needs”, training materials will be collected and/or originally produced, leading to a series of Training Modules.

The project partnership, based on its research and work with family businesses in the participating countries, has provisionally identified a wide range of potential training needs for next generation family business leaders. Our experience comes from actively serving the family business community within training and research activities. The current understanding of such needs will be compared and contrasted with the results and analysis of associated Surveys, will be confirmed, adapted and/or enriched and will accordingly be re-structured.

The training material will be structured in three interrelated Axes:

Axis 1 – Awareness for family business management issues

Axis 2 – Preparation of effective next generation leaders, and

Axis 3 – Structuring effective family business governance and succession mechanisms

The FABUSS e-Learning Platform will be based on the well-known and extensively used Moodle logic and will contain most features functionalities that this provides. It will be accessible, as “Learning Area” to registered 2nd generation of family business successors and its main purpose will be to host all the material developed in the context of the FABUSS project and other (e.g. multimedia material, video-recorded presentations by trainers from other partner countries, case studies, interviews).

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In the 2nd half of the FABUSS second year, with most of the project intellectual outputs completed or in their final stages, the time would be appropriate to consider all experience gained during the first three quarters of the project’s duration and reflect on the “legacy” that FABUSS could leave behind for all participating organisations (partners and stakeholders involved, directly or indirectly), to take stock and decide on initiatives that would ensure the project results’ durability, maintenance and sustainability.

This “legacy”, appropriately disseminated, will provide ideas and materials to organisations in countries outside the partnership, and could facilitate initiation of similar programmes addressed to young entrepreneurs interested in undertaking ownership and management of family businesses.

The FABUSS Sustainability Study will be prepared with the aim of presenting the project’s “legacy”. The Report will be disseminated through the project’s website, but also to a number of decision makers, at national and European level.

The “principles” adopted for the preparation of the Study (and of the associated Report) are that its content should be: (a) compatible with the FABUSS project’s objectives; (b) consistent with the evaluations performed on all project outputs and activities; and (c) realistic as to the recommendations advanced.