FABUSS Closing Conference

The FABUSS Closing Conference was organised by the project’s Coordinator (Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry – ACCI), in Athens. Participants were addressed by ACCI Chairman, the Head of the EC Delegation in Athens and the President of the Foundation for Youth and Lifelong Learning (ERASMUS Youth National Agency in Greece). They all highlighted the project’s significance for European Union economies, in which family businesses account for a large share of employment and national product. The Conference’s Agenda included

Last partners’ meeting in Athens

FABUSS Partners met in Athens on 22 January 2019, to review the project’s results and achievements. A series of Presentations were also made to review and finalise a number of recently completed deliverables. These were: (a) Transnational Learning Exchanges, (b) Evaluation Reports of Training activities organised in partner countries, (c) Sustainability Study and Legacy Report.